A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time
A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time


Product Description

Available Frames / Canvas information:

Raw wood frame: (Only available in A1, A0)

Our most popular and most unique frame is hand made and fitted to the printed premium canvas print. It is attached the outside of the canvas creating a box style effect that is effortlessly rustic yet elegant and completely unique.

Contemporary white and black frame: PLEASE NOTE: Contemporary white & black frames only available for South African orders.

The contemporary framed photo uses a deep, slightly textured frame profile available in glossy white or black. We use a 30mm x 30mm frame profile to give the product a contemporary look. The matte board (art board surrounding image) is a premium matte white with a non yellowing core. The matte size ranges from 50mm to 85mm thick depending on the size of the image.

Matte fine art paper

This luxuriously smooth 300 gsm bright white breathing colour matte fine art paper will show off the finest detail. It delivers an incredible colour range and reproduces deep blacks and so is the perfect paper for both black and white as well as colour photography as it reproduces beautifully natural skin tones and vibrant colours. This paper is Archival Certified and has blown us away with its seemingly flawless performance.

Premium stretched canvas

Our 8-colour digital printer reproduces art work with incredible accuracy of colour. The canvas we have selected has no compromise on cost. Archival Certified, it is the finest value and quality we can find. We wrap the print around a hand-built frame, keeping the canvas in perfect tension. Directly behind the print is a board which gives the frame rigidity, prevents warping and ensures the frame hangs flush against the wall. Large frames are cross braced to prevent warping.

Lead times are 8-10 working days.

Product Specification

Frame/Canvas: Black contemporary frame, Matte fine art print, Premium stretched canvas, White contemporary frame, Raw Wood

Available Sizes: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4

Contemporary Frames, Raw Wood (A0, A1)

A0: 950x1300x100mm (6kg)

A1: 700x1000x100mm (5kg)

A2: 520x700x100mm (5kg)

A3: 400x520x100mm (5kg)

Premium canvas

A0: 950x1250x80mm (6kg)

A1: 750x950x80mm (5kg)

A2: 520x680x70mm (5kg)

A3: 350x530x70mm (3kg)

Matte Fine art prints

A0: 900x80x80mm (2kg)

A1: 700x80x80mm (1kg)

A2: 500x80x80mm (1kg)

A3: 300x80x80mm (1kg)

A4: 300x210x10mm (1kg)