Juju Feather Hat Turquoise

80cm Turquoise

50cm Turquoise

50 cm

Juju Feather Hat Turquoise
50cm Turquoise

Juju Feather Hat Turquoise

Juju Hats

$ 83.00

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Product Description

Feather headdress (Cameroon) - Traditionally the Juju hat, Bamiléké feather headdress or Tyn hat, is a headdress worn by the royal dancers of the Bamiléké tribes during important ceremonies held by the tribal chief. 

The headdresses are made of natural or dyed chicken feathers, these feathers are stitched onto a woven raffia support that can be folded or unfolded. These sought after wall-hangings have come a long way from traditional Cameroonian festivities and ceremonies,

Product Specification

50cm, 80cm