Cushion 53 x 53cm /21" x 21" Black

African Mud Cloth Cushion

Black and white design side view

Black and white design side view

Cushion 53 x 53cm /21" x 21" Black
Black and white design side view

Cushion 53 x 53cm /21" x 21" Black

Bogolan Mud Cloth Cushion Covers

$ 39.00

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Product Description

These ethnic 100% authentic Bogalon Mudcloth cushion covers are made from individually hand dyed Mudcloths.  No two cloths are the same, the spots, marks, fabric wear and slight imperfections are what make each cushion cover a unique piece of art. 

  • Natural cotton canvas backing.
  • Cushion Inner included.
  • Envelope closing back.
  • You will receive this exact cushion cover.

Care Instructions:

You can handwash your mudcloth items with a natural soap (no bleach or harsh detergents) in a basin of cold water.  Do not scrub your cloth, Rinse in clean cold water. Very gently press out excess water, do not twist to remove the water, it will lose its shape. We suggest using an old towel to absorb excess water.  Lay your mudcloth on a flat surface to dry.  You can safely iron this product on the cotton setting.

Product Specification

53 x 53cm

21" x 21"