Black Mudcloth Wall Hanging

Black Wall Hanging

Mudcloth wall hanging

Mudcloth wall hanging

Black Mudcloth Wall Hanging
Mudcloth wall hanging

Black Mudcloth Wall Hanging

Bogolan Mud Cloth Wall Hangings

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Product Description

The mudcloth is produced by the people of Mali. Each cloth is handwoven strips of cotton, they are then stitched together and dyed using root, leaves and mud. We have taken these creations and made eye catching wall hangings. Each design is unique which is always nice to know that you have a one of a kind piece of art hanging in your home or office.

Top and bottom finished with cotton canvas.

The opening for the hanging pole is 8cm / 3" wide.

Designs will vary

Care Instructions:

You can handwash your mudcloth items with a natural soap (no bleach or harsh detergents) in a basin of cold water. Do not scrub your cloth, Rinse in clean cold water. Very gently press out excess water, do not twist to remove the water, it will lose its shape. We suggest using an old towel to absorb excess water. Lay your mudcloth on a flat surface to dry. You can safely iron this product on the cotton setting.

Product Specification

100cm x 170cm

39" x 67"

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