Malawi Laundry Baskets - Natural
Malawi Laundry Baskets - Natural

Malawi Laundry Baskets - Natural

Traditional African Baskets

Product Description

This unique Malawian baskets are perfect as a laundry hamper or used as a storage container or just standing as a design piece. Handmade basket by traditional coil-style weaving technique passed down for generations.

This laundry hampers or baskets can be used for clothing or declutter storage where they can hold blankets, wood for fireplace, helmets, sports gears and anything you want to keep. Can also be used as a standalone for decoration purposes.Cleaning is a breeze too. Either dust the baskets off or vacuum on a low power setting.


Product Specification

Materials - Ilala palm and grasses with natural bark dyes.


  • Small D40 x H38cm, 15.5" x 15" 
  • Medium W45 x H43cm, 17.5" x 17" 
  • Large W50 x H51cm, 20" x 20.5"

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